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Daniel Ehrlich is a skilled lawyer for divorce and family law matters who counsels and advocate for clients enduring a difficult and stressful period in their lives. We are sensitive and responsive to clients’ needs, and adept at crafting creative legal and negotiation strategies to achieve the client’s desired results.


Child Custody


Determining child custody is typically the most important (and often the most highly-contested) issue between parties in a divorce or parentage case.

It is important to understand that the term “custody” refers not only to physical possession of the child, but also to the parties’ respective abilities to make important decisions on matters affecting the child. Generally, when a parent is awarded “sole custody” of a child, that parent has the sole discretion to make decisions about the child’s education, medical care, and religious upbringing. When parents are awarded joint custody, they generally must consult with each other prior to making major decisions involving the child’s education, health and religious upbringing, and are required to “co-parent” or make these major decisions together.

When parties are unable to agree on child custody issues, the court will assess what arrangement will further the “best interests of the child.” This assessment requires the court to consider numerous factors including the respective wishes of the child and the parents, the child’s adjustment to his/her current home, school and community, and the willingness of each parent to facilitate and encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent.


Domestic Violence


Daniel Ehrlich is an experienced and skilled lawyer for child custody related issues. We have a successful track record for both settling and litigating contentious custody and visitation matters and are focused on achieving our clients’ desired results while ensuring that such result is beneficial to the children involved.



Domestic violence and abuse issues unfortunately can become commonplace in family law disputes.  Domestic violence is not limited to couples; it can occur between parents and children, friends, and acquaintances who reside together.

A victim of domestic violence or abuse may be suffering from intimidation, stalking, sexual abuse, harassment, physical abuse, and/or emotional and mental abuse. Due to the tender nature of these issues, we believe that domestic violence and abuse should be handled with the utmost care, confidentiality, and sensitivity.

At The Law Offices of Daniel Ehrlich, PLLC we help victims of domestic violence and abuse obtain court-ordered protection and relief from their abusers. We understand the importance of acting quickly in addressing domestic violence issues and are experienced with successfully resolving these matters so that our clients can safely move on with their lives.


A victim of domestic violence or abuse may require an order of protection to shield them from their abuser. Daniel Ehrlich is experienced in handling these difficult issues with skill and sensitivity.

We routinely help victims of physical and/or emotional and verbal abuse obtain relief in the form of an order of protection or civil restraining order, whether dealing with an isolated incident or a long history of abuse. Orders of protection and civil restraining orders are court orders that serve to protect the victims of abuse, neglect, intimidation, harassment and/or domestic violence. These protective orders may also be obtained for child abuse, elder abuse, stalking, abuse by a boyfriend/girlfriend, or other family members. Our attorneys are also experienced at defending clients who have been wrongly accused and have an order of protection entered against them based upon the false claims.



Regardless of the custodial arrangement, all parents have the right to reasonable visitation with their child, unless a court finds that the visitation would seriously endanger the child’s physical, mental, moral or emotional health.

Except in these extreme cases, it is important for the parties to establish a parenting/visitation schedule which sets forth the days and times when each parent will have possession of the child, including holidays, vacations, birthdays, and other special days throughout the year. Ideally, the parties can agree to a visitation arrangement that both accommodates their respective schedules and furthers the child’s best interests.

Daniel Ehrlich is an experienced and skilled lawyer with handling visitation issues. Our attorneys have a successful track record for both settling and litigatingvisitation matters and are focused on achieving our clients’ desired results while ensuring that the results are beneficial to the child involved.




Paternity is the legal acknowledgement of the parental relationship between a man and a child born to unmarried parents.

For a man who believes he is the father of a child, paternity must be legally established as a prerequisite to obtaining child visitation rights, as well as joint or sole custody of a child. For the mother, paternity must be legally established in order for her to receive child support.

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