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Personal injuries and death due to drunk driving:


Personal injuries and death due to drunk driving are particularly tragic, since these are the results of irresponsible choices and could have been totally preventable. Statistics say that each day in the US, an average of 2 people are injured every 2 minutes, and around 28 people die in a motor vehicle crash that involves a driver who is under the influence of alcohol. 


Despite this, what’s even more alarming is that 50 to as high as 70 percent of these drunk drivers continue to drive, even with a suspended license!


Now if you find yourself in trouble with a drunk driver, what should you do? Here is what Boulder Auto Accident Attorney Todd Tenge has to say:



When you see a drunk driver


While it may seem like a good idea to try and make the drunk driver pull over, authorities recommend that you do not do this. In fact, you should make it a priority to get away as far as possible. While doing so, try to get the following information, without putting yourself in danger. 


  • Vehicle make

  • Model

  • Color 

  • Plate number - the most important one


Pull over immediately and call 911. Give the information along with the exact location of the incident as soon as possible. 



If you get hit by a drunk driver


First thing to do is to move yourself out of harm’s way. Then try to remain calm. This might be difficult to do due to a possible adrenaline rush or state of shock, but you have to take control of your senses and decision making. 


Seek medical attention and call the police and 911. While waiting for the medical service to arrive, try to take note of the plate number, make, color and all other significant features of the vehicle. Try to keep the driver at the scene and get his information - driver’s license, insurance information. Take LOTS of pictures!  


When the police arrive, relay the all facts of the incident as completely and as accurately as possible. This is not the time to be shy, you can ask the officer if you can review the report to see if it accurately reflects your account. 


Lastly, don’t be afraid to get a lawyer if you are unsure of anything at all. You need not hesitate because of the costs, a lot of personal injury and DUI lawyers can be hired on contingency. This means that you do not have to put up money for initial fees and costs, your lawyer will only get paid once he closes a settlement or a winning verdict for you. 

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